Unlike traditional zoos, New Generation Zoos, Wildlife and Safari Parks allow visitors to gather closely with the exhibited living creatures separated only by glass and acrylic panels. Without the use of any iron bars, the visitors experience a more intimate connection with the wild. These transparent surfaces are integrated with special security features that provide a safe and enjoyable experience for both the visitors and the wild creatures. Not only are the wildlife areas secure, but they are also very spacious and comfortable, having been designed based on the individual needs of each creature. Maintaining these natural environments is extremely important and all the wildlife areas provide specific decorations, landscaping, shelters and activities that accurately depict habitats and promote activity and longevity. We design these areas artfully to provide visitors with a beautiful visual experience as well. Some of the natural life parks offering different scenery and concepts are African Savannah, Canyons in the United States, and Egyptian Desert. These New Generation Zoos are becoming the new standard, replacing traditional “iron bar” zoos worldwide.


Wild Cat Parks offer a unique, face to face experience with largest exotic cats of the world. Among the majestic wild cats featured in these parks are lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars. These large predators are frequently the most popular creatures in zoos all over the world. In Wild Cat Parks, visitors experience close encounters with their favorite wildlife creatures in a safe environment using specialty glass walls. These design and safety measures are far more aesthetically appealing than the unsightly electrified wire nettings and distant shelters that are typical of traditional zoos.


Tropical Reptile Houses exhibit the world’s most deadly, colorful, exotic and reclusive species including poisonous snakes, amphibians, scorpions, spiders, reptiles and other unusual creatures. These special complexes are designed to incorporate elements of these creatures’ natural habitats and provide visitors the opportunity to experience a variety of exotic creatures living on land and/or in water in one impressive exhibit.

Equipped with customizable special security systems for both creatures and visitors, the Tropical Reptile House provides safe spaces in which visitors can experience the beauty and danger of the world’s reptiles. In addition to the design and supply of the Tropical Reptile House, Polin Safari Parks also offers ongoing facility maintenance to ensure the health and longevity of these wonderful creatures.


Alligator Parks offer an amazing and unique experience by blending million-year-old fossils with one of the most powerful species in the world: alligators. Visitors are exhilarated and educated as they closely observe these exotic predators with their prehistoric appearances and incredible hunting abilities. These close encounters are made possible by state-of-the-art technological innovations such as special observation window and transparent bridges. Unlike traditional exhibits of distant observation and iron fences, visitors truly experience the strength of these menacing predators in their natural habitat.


Bird and Butterfly Parks transport visitors to realistic African, South American or Asian rainforests. In these replica forests, visitors get the true temperate or tropical rainforest experience while walking among exotic creatures and vegetation. In this truly immersive adventure, an unbelievable variety of flora and fauna–including birds, fish and butterflies–work together to create a unique and exhilarating experience.