Eskişehir Zoo

Eskisehir Natural Life Park is located on a 19-acre plot in Sazova Cultural Park. There are 18 different animal exhibits, including a tropical center and outdoor and closed exhibition alternatives. Together, the Eskisehir Zoo (120) and the adjacent Sualti Dunyası Aquarium (123) house 243 total animal species.

WildPark Antalya

The Tropical Reptile House in WildPark Antalya is a 1000m2 indoor exhibit located on the terrace of the Antalya Aquarium. Opened in 2013, and housing 70 separate terrariums, this attraction is home to some of the most interesting creatures in the world including the biggest tarantula, emperor scorpion and green basilisk. As visitors walk through the attractions, light and sound effects help to create an exotic rainforest atmosphere.

Tarsus Zoo

At 27 acres, Tarsus Zoo is the largest zoo in Turkey’s Mediterranean region. What started as the expansion of an older zoo, quickly became a major update and expansive zoo exhibit consisting of large animals like wild cats, bears, wolves and camels.

Adrenaline World

Adrenaline World is a perfect example of how WildParks work in conjunction with shopping centers and other animal exhibits. Located inside Nata Vega Shopping Mall and next to Aqua Vega Aquarium, this Tropical Reptile House is home to over 250 species including the golden poison frog, chameleons and giant pythons. The terrariums and paludariums that make up the first indoor tropical reptile exhibit in Turkey are designed to not only delight but also educate visitors of this unique space.

VIA Lion Park

The Via Lion Park project is currently in the planning stages to feature 9 different habitats for cats like lions, tigers, black leopards, jaguars, lynx and puma. The facility will also feature petting and feeding zones as well as animal medical health and support rooms. This park will provide an immersive visitor experience using glass panels and spacious designs.

Jungle İstanbul

Jungle Istanbul houses over 400 animals from 100 different species. What differentiates this attraction from others is the focus on understanding and supporting endangered animals, something Polin Safari Parks cares deeply about. This exhibit is specifically designed to preserve the creatures and promote reproduction. Located inside one of the biggest shopping malls in Istanbul, this attraction shares its space with large aquariums and an aquarium tunnel, showcasing the wonderful variety of animal life this world has to offer.

Nata Vega Zoo

Nata Vega Zoo is a 1000 m2 collection of 12 indoor animal shelters located within a shopping mall and is one of the only spaces in the world where golden tamarins, armadillos, tropical apes and the world’s smallest monkeys and birds can be seen.