What is WildPark?

WildPark is a dynamic wildlife-themed attraction and discovery center designed for outdoor or indoor spaces where wild creatures are exhibited. Polin’s WildPark brand offers a variety of exotic creatures found in tropical rainforests, including giant snakes, small mammals, crocodiles and colorful birds. Of the species exhibited, the most dangerous and poisonous provide the most exciting close-up experiences. In addition to the rainforest habitat, WildPark can also be enhanced with thematic aquariums, aquarium tunnels and paludariums. These exhibits can easily be integrated into many entertainment venues such as zoos, open and closed attraction
centers, theme parks, or shopping centers.

WildPark also provides curated creature services including animal care, histories, appropriate life support systems, specially-designed natural habitats, special sound and light effects and thematic decorations for each creature.

Polin Safari Parks offers detailed business solutions and support for WildPark including ticket office software, accounting integration, souvenir photo operation, souvenir collection, brand communication, and business plans.

From concept through to completion and beyond, WildPark is dedicated to the successful growth and operation of its partners around the world.

Advantages of the brand

With WildPark, Polin Safari Parks teams up with one of the world’s leading experts in building and operating wildlife themed attraction centers. Below are just a few of the benefits this partnership provides;

1 A ready entertainment brand with Polin Safari Parks experience and guarantee
2 A reliable venture including maintenance-operation and financial data plans
3 The ability to share animals with other locations
4 Staff training
5 Qualified staff support by specialized technicians
6 Business operation and information collaboration with other locations
7 Annual and seasonal central advertising & promotion activities

Other Opportunities

If requested, Polin Safari Parks can provide additional services that create value for WildPark brand owners. Some of these services may include;

1 Care of the whole facility, terrariums and creatures
2 Ticket office software and accounting integration
3 Souvenir collection and management
4 Green-screen souvenir photo operation and management
5 Operation and management of animal husbandry
6 Cafe & Bistro enterprises
7 Operation and management of XD Cinema